Stop Motion travel: Marrocco.
Marrakech is one of the most former city of Marrocco. The history of the country could explain its rich and diverse culture. The first feeling when you come inside the « Medina » is a real change of scenery from what we know. Their way of living and the architecture is a real stepbackward. Colourful, noisy, strong odors, warmth, sun and lively are the best adjectives to describe this experience. This video aims to summarise this atmosphere throught several beautiful places in Marrakech and its area. 
Mexico: 2 years of travel and extreme sports in 2 minutes.


This project is the sum up of my two years experience in Mexico. I really wanted to present Mexican food, architecture,

landscapes and fauna through a new concept: Two years summarized in 2 minutes.


Doing this project, I have learned more about the Mexican economy, geography and history. The development of Mexico is really noticeable but still irregular. They are principaly confronted to problems of eductation, productivity and underground economy. NGO’s are present in the whole territory. Don’t hesitate to spend some days working with them as a volunteer:





Fernando Manzano (Alias Papa Tortuga) is protecting Lora Turtles for 40 years and never stopped doing it. The center counts now a team of 15 persons, part of them used to hunt turtle eggs when they were fishermen and illiterate. They've got a high number of births due to the fact that they've got the highest productivity in México.

They registered 500 new born turtles in 1974 /  32.476 births in 2005 / 62.000 new born turtles in 2011.


I helped them making a promotional video and creating a website for the new research center called IRCEP.














Ricardo Reyes will share you his passion of flying with a high level of security. Seeing his clients smiling during and after a 30 minutes flight will make him happier than the few hundred pesos he will receive as compensation. He also train beginners up to their total autonomy in the sky. I helped him making a promotional video of his small company.

























This community is composed by around 15 indians. They are all dancers, musicians and proud to repeat the traditions of theirs ancestors. After viewing prehispanic ceremonies and listening traditional music, don't forget to participate to the purify ceremony called "Limpia". They also offer courses of Nahuatl language and of medecinal plants benefits.

We realized together a show mixing prehispanic music and slackline (tight rope) allowing them to get more visitors.


They live with your donations and their handicraft. Don't forget to buy something!

When Harmony means Happiness.

This project explains the Mayan spirituality and the original meaning of the 21st of December 2012. The documentary propose to live the Mayan prophecy through extreme sports.

On top of that, this project allowed me to study deeply the topics of economic development in Mexico, the Zapatism movement in Chiapas and the precolumbian culture. 

Fields: sustainability, global warming, nature, indian communities, Mexico, respect and harmony, skydiving, wingsuit, scubadiving, paragliding...

Travel Diary:
Barranca del Cobre.

This travel diary is a sum up of our expedition in North Mexico:

-Crossing Mexico's largest canyon well known for its famous railroad and its steam locomotive: El Chepe. Pancho Villa participated in making this area famous.
-We crossed the 650km separating Chihuahua to Los Mochis in 10 days. This expedition led us to visit really distants villages and it allowed us to meet indian communities: los indios Tarahumaras.
-On top of that, I could study with more details the topics of economic development in México, the social integration of Indian comunities and the story of the revolutionary Pancho Villa

Diving into the bowels of Earth.

This expedition led me to the center of our earth! San Luis Potosi's state is located 7 hours driving at the north of Mexico city. Well known for its beautiful and pure area called Huasteca Potosina, you can find various natural caves: El Sotano de las Golondrinas (almost the biggest cave of the world) and El sotano de las Guaguas (418m deep).

I decided to go rappelling down one of them.


Travel diary:
On Mexican lands.

Recovering the center and the south of Mexico:






-Quintana Roo


Waterline exhibition.

Doing a slacklining exhibition for the Universidad de las Americas Puebla (UDLAP) over a 25 meter long lake!

Travel diary:

We are in Mexico!


First months travelling in Mexico, visiting Zacatlan de las Manzanas, Huamantla and the volcano La Malinche.

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