Born in Paris in october 1990.

French nationality.

2013-2014: Université Paris Dauphine, FRANCE.
. Master degree in Business Management in emerging and developing countries.
2011-2013: Universidad De Las Americas Puebla (UDLAP) in Puebla, MEXICO.
  • Bachelor degree in international business administration.
  • Comparative European and American geopolitics.

2009-2011: Reims Management School (RMS / CESEM) in Reims, FRANCE.
  • Bachelor degree in international business and management​.
-October 2011, March and October 2012-
Organization and lead of skydiving events (Cuautla, MEXICO)
140 UDLAP students took part in 3 daily events, generating an income of 361,000MXN (25,000EUR).

I designed those first-flight events with the skydiving resort in Morelos State. After looking for sponsors, negotiating prices and organizing the full logistics, I produced a documentary video which was broadcasted on UDLAP internal TV channel.
Freedom, speed and self control are notions I have discovered thanks to free falling. It also learned me how to surpass myself in extreme situations.


My goals are also to share my passions throught events and videos, to propose my services to every company and NGO needing promotion for its brand image, and to keep jumping in the most beautiful skies of the world while traveling!
-January to July 2013-
Sales Promotion and Marketing intership at Mega Travel S.A de C.V (Mexico City, MEXICO).
Mega Travel is an international touristic tours wholesale supplier, operating in Mexico. 

Being in charge of sales promotion and of the marketing parts, my work consisted in:
-Elaborating new sales strategies 
-Establishing budgets for promotion campaigns
-Presenting and promoting areas (Weight of turism in Middle East´s economy...)
-Analyzing the mexican competition
-Participating in promotion events and visiting clients.
After an initial formation in international business & economy, and after various international experiences (NGO's, university exchange, travel projects, outdoor sports events, video documentaries...) my professional and personal projects are now oriented towards the economic development of emerging and developing countries.

-August to December 2010-
Marketing internship in an industrial Swiss group, SIKA (Le Bourget, FRANCE)
Assistant of a product manager, I actively participated in the development and launch of 4 new types of construction glues. My work ranged from market analysis and comparative search of competitive products and characteristics, control and inspection in hardware stores (Leroy Merlin, Castorama, Bricorama…) to cost analysis, packaging design and sales price fixation.

​-July-August 2009-
Organization and management of a humanitarian assistance (SENEGAL, AFRICA)

2-months summer camp with educative activities for 40 children living in the bush in Dara Palmeo village.
I was the co-organizer of the event with 5 other students. The preparation work took us about a year: design of the project, search of grants and sponsors for a budget of 9,000EUR.

-January 2008 and January 2009-

Participant in think-tanks, EUROPEAN INSTITUTIONS (Brussels/Strasbourg, BELGIUM/FRANCE)
I attended conferences and meetings presenting the latest update on elaborate European issues, and I have been participating at research groups (Central Bank role, extension and consolidation of the European Union, unification of cultures and languages, regionalization of economic activities).

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